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Skrill Moneybookers Payment System

Consider the option of using popular payment system Skrill Moneybookers for financial transactions with bookmakers. For those who don’t know, Skrill is the new name of Moneybookers.

Moneybookers payment system mediates between the Bank and the bookmaker, according to the scheme:


What is Skrill?

Not all bookmakers accept money on bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, although deposits with these cards. Payment on Moneybookers happens faster than a bank card.

Some bookmakers charge a High Commission for deposit/withdrawal to bank cards/account on Moneybookers these operations tend to be Commission-free. Bookmaker Bet365 accepts deposit money through Skrill instantly.

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Advantages Of Moneybookers

Reliability and high safety of Moneybookers, unlike popular in CIS: to Webmoney and Qiwi, which on any given day can cover (example of Ukraine, where lately there are problems in these systems with the Government).

The security of your credit card details, which is very convenient for a number of Internet shopping.

Instant money transfer

For payment authorization need only e-mail and password.

Virtually all bookmakers are accept the payment of the Skrill.

Disadvantages Of Moneybookers

All payment and recharge only through a bank.

Various commissions.

Account operations

Large selection of currencies, including the euro and the dollar. If you have different currency bank account, transfers will be performed automatically by converting the currency.

Note that in the future it would be impossible to account change currency, as well as prohibited register more than one account.

Verification of limits, security

After registration with Moneybookers, you will need to send copies of documents for proof of identity and link to the bank card account.

To increase the limit account operation, you must pass the verification for a bank account, credit card, address of residence. Basically, if you’re satisfied with the established limit, some verification can not produce.

For additional security, you can order electronic key account Skril is a small, Keychain, which each time the Skrill generates a one-time password.

VIP status of Skrill

If the transaction amount for 3 months is more than 6000 euros, you will receive VIP status, which will give a lot of privileges. Here are some of them:

Deposit and withdrawal of funds without a Commission.

The opportunity to make debit card Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard linked to the account.

High limits.

Multicurrency account.


Skrill Moneybookers payment system is recommended for people with a large turnover, saving on commissions with VIP status, as well as players with multiple accounts in different bookmakers. Moneybookers is one of the most popular systems of professional players of bookmakers.