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How to Run a Pub Bingo Quiz

How to Run a Pub Bingo Quiz

Pub quizzes are great fun, whether you play them actually in a pub or at an event or in your home. And a bingo-style pub quiz is an exciting way to ring the changes and enjoy a different type of quiz to what you are used to. A bingo quiz is a simple thing to organise – make life easier for yourself by following our top tips.


  1. Know the Format

Pub quizzes are all based on the format of answering questions as individuals or teams, and the team with the highest number of correct answers at the end of the quiz is the winner. A Bingo Quiz is one way to format the pub quiz. In one variation of the bingo-style quiz, there is a picture round of questions and a round of general knowledge questions.


  1. Look Online for Questions

You can either make up your own questions or if you are short of time or inspiration, look online for quiz questions. Make them as difficult as you like but don’t make them too easy and tailor them to the level of knowledge your audience has. You don’t want to make the quiz so hard that people get frustrated playing.


  1. Distribute Quiz Sheets

Before the bingo quiz starts, hand out the sheets of paper with the picture quiz questions and the answer sheets to the general knowledge questions. Have participants write their names on the sheets.


  1. Start the Quiz

Have a quizmaster reading the questions out in a loud voice, making sure everyone can hear and keep up. The bingo quiz is different in that participants check off the answers to a quiz question on their bingo-style card, and when they have all the answers in one line, or in a specified pattern, they raise their hand. Check cards to see that they are accurate, and continue with the quiz until people have filled up their cards and someone has won the main prize.


  1. Have Tie Breakers Ready

Remember that it is possible that more than one team will get a line, or a pattern, at the same time. Have tie breakers to hand in order to decide a winner, or decide ahead of time that both teams will get a prize – this is a better way to play when you are among friends and don’t want competition to get too intense.


  1. Hand Out the Prizes

Make sure you have the prizes ready to award at the end of the evening. You don’t have to give out massive prizes unless you want to – small tokens will be enough if you are all playing for fun.


  1. Check Out Other Bingo Quizzes

If you love bingo you’ll find many more quizzes online and different variations of the bingo quiz set-up. You will also find quizzes that test your knowledge of bingo and other online games, while other games allow you to test yourself against the clock. See what you can find and have fun.


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Must haves for online bingo sites

In the recent past online bingo came into the picture and became one of the leading  industries on web. Bingo as a game was tussling to survive with traditional land based  game being forced to close their doors due to shrinking number of regular players which intimated it wasn’t fiscally viable to open.

Today, however bingo is at the leading edge of the gaming industry with primary  providers having decades of expertise. The industry has become quiet saturated as most of the companies are throwing their hats into the ring and when players are looking for a bit of variety, it becomes difficult to distinguish the good ones from the terrible ones.

By sparing few minutes in comparing the sites on various platforms you can find out the suitable site for yourself to play. So what are the things you should look for? Here is a list of features just check out below:

The first thing is well designed and clean website. One can always tell the difference between a quality website and a poor one by having a look at the site. So appearance of the website is a major component to look for.

Next, look out for the top offers on the site, the stuff that site is using to drag and keep players. All the bingo sites are essentially behind the same thing -players and they

need to grant the kind of things that make them stand out of the league for right reasons.Many offer sign up offers, winning bonuses some even do both. Its not just the introductory offers that you should seek, look for something by which you will be valued like the customer packages which are not just for newbies.

The liberty to try out the games for free in another great feature worth looking for. If any site offers the privilege to play for free, bite their hand off! You will get a chance to learn about the game or bingo as a whole if nothing else.

A live chat feature is again something that would really appeal. This would enable the players to interact with each other ,even if they haven’t met. They could then talk about the gaming approach or any tips for newbies.

Finally, the fifth feature a top online bingo site should have is the ability to play all the variety of games on multiple platforms and mobile devices.New Look Bingo is a site which gives you the charm of the best gaming experience. It has got 11 different bingo halls with huge variety of games and playing is fun here.  It offers £15 as sign up bonus which allows you to take an in depth knowledge about the site. So check out the games for nothing and enjoy playing bingo.

Shoot Your Anxiety Levels With Bingo

Deal or No deal is a game infographics that has been designed based on a popular television game show. People who love gambling all round the globe have swamped into an instinctive and logical contest of Deal or No deal bingo at William Hill.

Deal or No deal is a deal game where each of the participants will be confronted with 26 sealed suitcases. Each suitcase will have different ranges of money from one pound to millions of pounds. The player, best casino apps without any knowledge of the amount available in the suitcase should choose one of them with an expectation of the chosen suitcase having the maximum amount. Once the player chooses a suitcase, rest of them are opened and the amount available is exposed.

With each suitcase being exposed, the anxiety of the player touches the sky. Also, in this game, there is a baffling person called ‘banker’ who further increases the suspense of the game. The job of the banker is to tempt the player to exchange the suitcase he had chosen with a known amount of cash. This game is played in the similar way at
casino reviews.

Most of the online players love the wide variety of games that best casinos
based websites offer. There is 75-ball bingo game and 90-ball bingo game for the player to enjoy, coupled with chat rooms where the players can grab the opportunity of meeting new people and chat with their old existing friends. William Hill has an amazing range of games on the internet along with deal or no deal bingo.

Log in and grab some really interesting offers and freebies which William Hill provides to its players generously to encourage the players have the best time possible without spending much of their hard earned money.

William Hill offers 75 Ball Bingo game along with 75 Ball Pattern Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. Not only this, the games available here are of super graphic quality and amazing sound system.

So what more are you thinking about, log in today and start taking advantage of this amazing website.

Things to Know about – The Best Online Bingo Site

Do you love bingo games? Have you ever played bingo through online? You wonder whether is it possible to play online bingo games and my answer is yes. Playing online bingo games have now became simple and easy. Here is an article which helps you to know more about the best online website

Online bingo

Bingo is an interesting game which attracts people from six to sixty. Online bingo is nothing but the normal bingo game played in bingo websites using internet connection. The online bingo is more convenient and comfortable while playing when compared to the normal bingo game. This is because you can play online bingo from any part of the world at your own convenience.

The main features like chat room and loyalty bonus services make the online bingo games to reach fame and popularity.

Things to know about online bingo site

It is really difficult to select a reliable bingo site from the hundreds of site, which offers different services. You need to know few things while selecting a bingo website, which will offer you both fun and money while playing the game.

Before selecting the website you better log into the bingo review website, to see the feedback of other players who played the game in that site. Those feedbacks may contain the views and experience of the player who played the game in the website. After reading all the feedbacks, if you feel that the sites have good reputation then you can just register and start playing the game.

If you think reading reviews are not providing you sufficient idea about the site, then it is better to browse internet about the available bingo sites. As you visit the top websites one by one, you will get more facts and data about the services they are offering their players.

Some of the most popular bingo games are listed in their website to have more fun and joy.

All this survey will require little time and effort from your part. But do keep in mind that the end result will be full of fun and entertainment elements which in turn will earn you more money.

For more information, you may visit the best online review website