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Lord of the Ocean – The Must-Play Online Slot Casino Game

  • Posted by admin
  • April 1st, 2017

Another amazing slot game from the Novomatic Company is the Lord of the Ocean. Slot machine games are a lot interesting to play. But unlike the regular slot games, this one has some interesting aspects, especially the breathtaking adventures which make you ask for more. Apart from you, the player, another key character of the game is the Greek god of water and of the sea Neptune. In order to find treasure under water from the sunken ships, you have to face the powerful and fierce king of waters in the game.

Lord of the Ocean is basically a video slot game that has 5 reels and 10 paylines. The game includes a key symbol representing Neptune. This one can make you the game winner as it gives you the huge amount of money. Besides, it also includes a bonus game, which starts only when a minimum of three scatter symbols are collected by the player from the reels. During the game play, you are given an option to change the bets by either increasing or decreasing the plus or minus buttons. Besides, there is also an automatic play feature present in the game, but this won’t help you to double your winnings.

Lord of the Ocean is definitely one of the finest offering from Novomatic in the slot machine game category. It is mostly based on the oceans and gods ruling the seas. With fantastic graphics, video quality and interesting music, it undoubtedly becomes one of the must-play casino games. The online version is quite similar to the land based casino game with more than 95% of RTP (Return to Player). Here, a player gets many opportunities to increase their winnings by selecting either black or red suit of cards.

In addition to this, the game also has gate symbols, which also serve as the wild and scattered card symbols. When a player hits three or more gate symbols, then a bonus feature is awarded to the player. Moreover, a player also gets a randomly selected special symbol, which further increases your possibility of winning the game. The game also features an auto play function using which you can make your selections with the press of the buttons.

This slot game titled – Lord of the Ocean gives the best gaming experience when played online than at traditional casinos. Anyone can try their hands on this wonderful game just to get some entertainment or for earning real money. With the advanced graphics, and pleasant blue backdrop, this slot game is definitely one of the best offering from the Novomatic.


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