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Various control boards for casinos across the globe

  • Posted by admin
  • September 4th, 2015

Control boards are agencies set up by government of different countries to control and regulate gaming laws. As different countries and states follow different laws, hence there are different control boards for different countries or states. The Control boards have the responsibility to set up rules and regulations regarding gaming activities within a geographic limit like country or state. The control boards include various activities like issuing, granting or denying license, auditing, requirement set up for gaming vendors, employees and owners.

List of some Control boards for gambling around the world

  • Kahnawake gaming commission – It is one of the control boards of Canada which is regulated by the province and not by federal law.
  • Alcohol and Gaming Authority – Another control board agency in Canada which regulates gambling for province like Nova Scotia. The focus of this Control board is to protect consumer from unfair gambling practices.
  • Gambling Commission – The control board is responsible to control most of the gambling games in Britain. The board is in place to promote fair and open gambling and protect vulnerable people getting badly influenced from gambling. It allows licenses to operators within United Kingdom.
  • Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore – This is also termed as CRA and it is a statutory board of the government of Singapore. Its objective is to avoid any crime or exploitation within casinos and promote honest casino gaming. Apart from that it ensures that children and vulnerable people or society is not badly influenced by gambling.
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission – It is another Gambling control Board which regulated casino and other gambling games within the territory of Isle of Man. This again tries protecting the gamblers from casinos crime. This is one of the first jurisdictions which offered license to online gambling and since it has been a known control board across the world. It controls licensing, testing of games, monitoring operation, fair practices and protection of gamblers funds etc.
  • New York State gaming commission – This control board controls gambling activities for New York.

These control boards provide license to various online gambling sites like M88.


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